Howell Expands Through Acquisition of ePhase!

Based in West Chester, PA, since 1999, Howell,  through the acquisition of ePhase, will lead the ePhase team into this next chapter and continue the shared tradition of redefining the environmental assessment process to expand throughout the country.

ePhase provides a focused range of environmental assessment services including the following:

Transaction Screens

On properties where environmental issues are not suspected and environmental liabilities are believed to be minimal, ePhase performs pre-Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, also know as Transaction Screens. The elements typically included in a Transaction Screen include:

      • Detailed on-site inspections
      • Off-site reconnaissance
      • Governmental database search
      • Interviews with owner/operator(s) with historic knowledge of the site
      • Interviews with local officials (fire marshal, township manager/engineer, health department, etc.)
      • Report preparation

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

ePhase performs Phase I Environmental Site Assessments for single sites and multi-state, multi-site mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. All assessments are performed in accordance with the current ASTM standard for your protection and include extensive research of the history of the property. The elements of a Phase I include:

      • All the elements of a Transaction Screen
      • Recorder of Deeds search or assessor records review
      • Environmental lien inquiry
      • Topographic map review
      • Soils survey review
      • Zoning map review
      • Aerial photography review for a 50-year period
      • Sanborn map review, if readily available
      • Geologic and hydrogeologic conditions review
      • Floodplain map review
      • Building department records and other local records review
      • Inquiry to determine whether DEP has site-specific files and review of these files, if available
      • Historical atlases review, if readily available
      • Historic city directory review, if available
      • Historic land use map review, if available
      • Other miscellaneous document review

Other elements that could be incorporated into the Phase I which are considered non scope issues by ASTM include evaluations for asbestos-containing building material (ACBM), radon, lead-based paint, lead in drinking water, wetlands, regulatory compliance, industrial hygiene, health and safety, ecological issues, indoor air quality, mold and high voltage power lines.

Compliance Auditing

ePhase helps clients with a range of compliance issues – from determining if their facilities are complying with federal, state or local air issues to developing a corporate-wide environmental compliance program. When performing compliance audits, ePhase typically considers the following:

Water pollution control

      • SARA
      • Special and specific wastes
      • Hazardous wastes
      • Oil spill control
      • Air pollution control
      • TSCA

In addition, ePhase performs audits in conjunction with corporate policies.